Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the difference between Basic and Enhanced service?
A Basic connection provides internet speed for web browsing, email, facebook, etc. If you plan to run video or demos you will need a faster (Enhanced) connection to provide uninterrupted service. This is much the same as when you order internet for your home. Your provider charges different prices for the different speeds available.

2) Will everything I need to connect my devices be provided in my booth?
You will need a hub/switch and cables to connect more than one device. If you ordered the booth special, we will provide those items but you must pick them up from the help desk on site. If you ordered additional connections, you will need to order a hub/switch or bring it with you.

3) Can I bring my own hub/switch?
Yes, if you ordered additional connections. Remember, the total number of devices connected to your hub/switch must not be more than the number of connections ordered.

4) I ordered more than 1 connection but I only see 1 cable in my booth.
That is the cable to connect to your hub/switch. If you ordered a booth special or switch come to our service desk to pick them up.

5) What do I need to order if I have more than one computer/device to connect to the internet?
Order one Enhanced Internet Connection which connects your first computer/device. You then need to order Additional Network Connections for the remainder of your computers/devices. For example, to connect 5 computers/devices you would order one Enhanced Internet Connection and 4 Additional Network Connections.

6) What is the difference in internet speed between the basic and enhanced service?
The basic internet connection will provide a standard speed of up to 1.5 Mbps. The enhanced internet connection will provide a standard speed of up to 3.0 Mbps to be shared by all computers/devices connected to your switch/router.

7) What is “Additional Bandwidth?”
If the standard speed of 1.5 Mbps or 3.0 Mbps is not fast enough for your requirements, this will provide you with a faster connection. If you are unsure of what speed you need, please call showNets at 800-310-4454 and one of our technicians will be happy to discuss your specific needs.

8) What is a “Custom Private Network?”
A custom private network is a special network created specifically in response to your unique requirements. If you have significant networking challenges or if you need any specialty considerations in your design, you should call showNets to discuss your options. One of our representatives will help you custom design a network solution that best fits your Booth’s needs. This solution will be provisioned for you on-site by trained showNets personnel.

9) What is a switch and why would I need it?
A switch is a device that allows you to connect more than one computer/device to the internet. The internet cable in your booth is connected to the switch. Patch cables or custom cables are then connected to the switch and run to your computers/devices to provide their internet connection.

10) What is the difference between an ethernet patch cable and an under carpet cable?
An ethernet patch cable is a 25’ cable used to connect your switch/router to your computers/devices. You should come to our Service Desk to pick them up once you arrive at the show location. An under carpet cable is run by showNets technicians under your carpet to the location(s) specified on your booth map.

11) Do I need to submit a map? How fancy does it have to be?
If you do not submit a map, your internet cable will be at the center of the back wall of your booth. As long as this is acceptable, a map is not necessary. If you require your internet cable in a different spot, we need a map to show us where it should be. Your map does not have to be fancy. Even a hand drawn one is fine. It DOES need to show adjoining booths or aisles so that we have the orientation of your booth. Place an “X” to mark the spot where you want your internet cable. If you ordered under carpet cables your map also needs to show where all of your computers/devices will be located. Under carpet cables are run before the carpet goes down. This means we cannot wait until you arrive to run the cables.

12) How do I provide you with a map of my booth/room?
During the on-line order process you can upload your map from a file on your computer. Just below the section where you select the services you require you will find a “browse” button. This will take you into your computer where you can select your map file and attach it to your order. If you do not have a map file to attach, you can fax a hard copy of it to 425-663-4082.

13) Where will I find the internet cable in my booth?
If you provided us with a map of your booth, it will be in the location you specified. If you did not provide a map, it will be at the center of the back wall. It can be identified by a tag on the end indicating your connection has been certified by a showNets technician.

14) If I am bringing my own switch/router, do I need to order Additional Network Connections?

15) Do I need to enter IP addresses or username/passwords once I plug in my computer?
No, unless you ordered a private network and specifically requested it to be set up that way.

16) Will there be showNets personnel on site at my event?
Yes. There will be a Service Desk located on the show floor or you can call 800-310-4454.